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Cabrinha 12m Switchblade 2018 with bar used


Kite and bar are in excellent condition, used under 20 times!



Designed to be the “jack of all trades”, the 2018 Cabrinha Switchblade continues it’s legacy of being one of the world’s most popular kites. Unlike other all-around freeride kites, the Switchblade often surpasses the capabilities of style-specific kites – freestyle, surf, wakestyle, etc. The Switchblade is capable of helping a total beginner get their first rides in, stable enough to jump off a massive tower, or even winning the Red Bull King of the Air (via Nick Jacobsen).

The entire lineup of 2018 Cabrinha kites has been updated with High Tenacity Dacron, a canopy material specifically designed with inflated kite structures in mind. Slight modifications of each canopy design have been made to accommodate this new high-performance material, selected for many reasons. It has a tendency to return to it’s original shape much faster than other dacron, making for a much “snappier” feel when turning the kite. Additionally, it shows much greater resistance to wear over time.


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