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Board and straps are in great condition.



For 2017 the Allround got some significant tweaks with an all new outline/template and a new bottom shape. Last year the Allround had a flat bottom but this year the base was upgraded to a single concave from end to end and the tips are a much fuller square shape. The Allround probably has the softest flex pattern of all the CrazyFly boards we tested which makes it incredibly forgiving and playful. With a fairly standard rocker, the Allround is very efficient in the water and felt fast upwind while the bottom concave and 5.0 fins gave it a solid amount of bite when tracking on edge, riding flat, or on rail-to-rail carves. The weight on this base model is well balanced and testers gave the Allround high praise for its ability to both handle the worst chop and fly upwind. With two stance width adjustments and a single option for duck, the basic Allround bindings offer a single Velcro adjustment on the foot straps. The CrazyFly footpads received a nice upgrade for 2017 in that they are now 3D shaped instead of flat, offering subtle cupping contour around your heel, a solid toe ridge and a soft to medium rubber base; testers gave the CrazyFly pads/strap high praise for comfort.


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