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11m Cabrinha Nomad 2011 Used

$300.00 $280.00

Kite and Bar are in good condition.



The Nomad was not designed for beginning kite surfers. This kite is made for kite loops and wave action.  The Nomad design aims to offers complete de-power quick reaction to steering commands, unhooked control and stability. Extra attention was paid to its low end and in the larger kites lighter materials were utilized to keep the weight down.
The Nomad has a hybrid arc shape. This is the fastest kite in the Cabrinha range.

Kite features

  • 6 strut design
  • various tuning options
  • IDS briddle
  • Powerdrive IDS
  • Sprint
  • Improved low end range
  • Stability
  • Control in unhooked kiteloops
  • Performance for unhooked tricks
  • Quicker turning circle
  • New stitching technique on leading edge
  • Lighter bladders in larger sized kites
11m Cabrinha Nomad 2011 Used - TheKITEBUZZ